Thursday, June 23, 2011

A war waging

There's been a war waging in my mind recently.  Its a war between my Savior's deep and weighty humility and my own overbearing and selfish pride.  I'm fighting to get to that place were I can truly say with all my heart "More of You and less of me, Jesus."  I'm struggling to know that this "growth" is not my own doing and NO I can not boast.  Each time I lay aside my pride, I find more just below the surface.  I'm feeling like a snake.  Constantly shedding my skin.

I'm feeling convicted.  That which I see as my enemy's sin is really my own.  Only mine is uglier, sneakier, and more deeply rooted within me.  I'm in denial.  I'm hypocritical.  I lie to myself all day long.

Lord, please speak to me Your words.  Help me put them ever before me.  May I cling to the truth found in your scriptures.  May I daily be amazed by your love, grace, mercy.  Change me from within, my inmost parts, that the overflow of your work would pour out in my word and actions.  May I authentically live in pursuit of Your glory and not my own.  May I genuinely pray that "Your will be done" and not my own.

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