Friday, February 4, 2011

so you want to be a leader... FOLLOW M E.

"Come follow me" Jesus said, "And I will make fisher's of men."

All my life, I've been a leader.  I haven't always led well or in the right direction.  The thing I'm learning about being a leader now that is new to me is that to be a good spiritual leader, you had better be following the Lord o so closely.  This is the lesson that the disciples learned when they were called by Jesus.  Jesus looked at them and saw something special.  He knew he could trust them to lead His church when he was gone, but first they needed to learn to F O L L O W   H I M.  In my life lately, Ive been feeling desperate to lead but the Lord keeps telling me to follow.  He is telling me to follow my husband, to follow my mentors, to follow those in my life whom he has called to lead me, and most of all to follow Him.

We are reading the gospels this year.  Each month we read through one of the gospels.  The idea is that at the end of the year we will be better followers of Jesus because we have a greater knowledge and understanding of how He lived his life on this earth.  What a great time and way to learn this lesson of following him in order to lead well.

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