Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Painting the Snow!

These last couple of months we were very blessed to spend lots of time with our friends Dan and Kari Straley before they head out to the Dominican Republic to be full time missionaries.  Kari gave us this wonderful idea from her childhood.  Its simple to do and o so much fun!  so heres what you need...

Get a couple of spray bottles like these...

And get some food coloring too!
make as many colors as you like!

we went with green,


and we mixed red and blue to get purple!

To get brighter colors, you should use really hot water, you can also add some salt!

the last thing you will need is plenty of snow and there is no shortage of that around here!  These are the snow banks from shoveling our driveway!

now all you need is a sunny day and some willing volunteers!

let them have at it!

isn't it beautiful!


  1. Awesome fun! I love the pix ~ especially where the boys are looking at each other ~ they look like they are sooo excited. All the pix are good! Were they on your point and shoot?

  2. yes mam! lets do it at your house so we can take turns using yours!

  3. You did it!! It looks amazing! haha, SO much fun- I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous. If it wasn't 2 degrees in Minnesota today I might make Dan go paint outside with me now! :) Missing you guys already...