Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is my mom....
With Timothy on New Years 2011

With Silas, Apple Picking on family vacation October 2010

With Lily, the smallest grandbaby she has, for now :) January 2011

Our relationship hasn't come easy.  I haven't always appreciated her.  As a teenager, I was responsible for most of her daily frustration.  I gave her plenty of opportunities to grow in patience, the art of being slow to anger, self control, and much much more.  There was so much I didn't know about my mother then.  Let's say, there were things that I didn't have eyes to see.  We certainly aren't the best of friends now, and we certainly have much to learn about each other but I can honestly say that I am delighted to honor her on this Mother's Day!

My mom had motherhood tough from the beginning.  She was determined to be one of the first to break a cycle of hurtful mother/daughter relationships in her family for generations.  She knew she couldn't do it on her own and leaned heavily upon the Lord to help her as she raised us all.  She knows she's not perfect.  To this day you can hear here saying things like this to us kids: "I'm sure I did damage.  I'll pay for the counseling.  Send me the bill."  She always says that with a smile.

Recently she came to my church to watch my kids and some of their friends while we were busy with a youth event.  There were 5 boys to be watched.  She came with camera in hand ready to capture any fun activity for us all to remember.  Of course, the boys happened to find a little frog in need of rescuing.  She got the whole ordeal on film!  You can check out the on photos FB.  At one point it came time to pick the frog up off the ground with our hands and get it into a dish of water.  We had a crowd of boys but none of them wanted to touch the frog.  It took a short while, she was behind the camera after all, but my mother reached down, scooped up that frog and got it into that dish for the boys to see and enjoy!  She grew up in the heart of the city.  She spent most of her childhood reading books.  She is so not the type that you would expect to do such a thing as touch a frog.  But she did!  She is always surprising me!

Sometimes she stops by on her way home from work.  We always get to talking about life, for lack of a better word.  She has shared so much with me during these talks!  She has given me biblical counsel and deep insights from the struggles in her life.  She has been able to encourage me as a mom, wife, and surprisingly enough as a youth worker too.  I haven't told her yet, I promise to tell her today, but I so cherish these talks!

I've always thought of myself as sort of a pioneer.  I love trying new things.  A challenge is so thrilling to me.  I never realized that, really, I get that from my Mom.  She has faced so much, and covered so much new territory that no one in her family had done before.  College, biblical marriage, the role of a pastor's wife, moving across the country to a farm town are just a few of those things.  I feel so ultimately blessed to have her as my Mom!

She started out as my protector and provider.  She has been my teacher, my disciplinarian, my dress code checker, my guardian and more.  Now I can call her my friend, wise counselor, and guide.  I love you Mom!
Me and my Mom in 1986

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